Peter Bolland “Your 3 Treasures”

Life is the great unfolding. It is ours to move into position with cooperative accord. Busy-ness leaves us isolated and removed from our connectedness and intuition.
Jesus said to love your enemy, because it`s impossible- it allows us to see the oneness in everyone.


William Aura “Playing for Change”

What one person can do, when they let the Universe move through them.
Life may take you in unexpected directions, but it leaves you with abilities and experiences you never expected.


Rev Patti “That Life was Service”

Why fit in, when we were born to stand out? We can`t live our lives to please others, to be what someone else expects of us. Our path is unique, and Spirit craves our uniqueness.
When we heal our woundedness, we inspire and serve others to rise up and do their work. We show that it can be done, and that life does go on from hurt, betrayal and pain and that we can be joyous.

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