Rev Patti “Thanks for all the fish”

Either everything is a miracle, or nothing is. We can find something to be grateful for at any time. Not just when things are going our way, but at all times.
If we only work our spiritual practice when things are in chaos, we`re being blown by the wind and that`s no time to try and find peace. We have to be familiar with our peace beforehand.
We train ourselves to see through a lens of gratitude regardless of conditions, and we remains stable and fulfilled in all things.


Rev Patti Gratitude Grows

Looking for simple solutions in the midst of chaos is not where the peace is. Choosing sides does not heal anything. We are called in such times to love deeply, and more fiercely than ever before.
Grace moves through tragedy. We have to look past the conditions and adhere to the truth that God is Good! And good always wins.


Rev Dr Kathy Hearn “A Grateful Heart”

The exchange of 'please' and 'thank you' can be a more conscious experience when we bring ourselves fully present. We must be in Balance with our lives, in order to be in Balance with giving and receiving with others.
The Law of Gratitude says what we to focus on increases. In order to be truly grateful for something, you must see it. So we focus on what is working, on what we love- not on a story of lack!


Jana Zunich “MMTOOT-ing”

The things that happen to us are imbued with the energy of the story we invest in it. Embellishing things to empower our side of the story, only deepens our investment being right, not in being able to free ourselves to move forward.
Gratitude can be as simple as the breath we are taking, and grow it from there.

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