Rev Patti Blessing You, Blessing Me

In order to be at peace with the moment, we must bless our past- both the paths taken and untaken. We must release the guilt of a life not lived and embrace that which we have chosen.
We are the Cause of our Effect. Life is always changing, and we can consciously direct our experience of that change when we are clear and aware of our wants, needs and desires.


Rev Jeanne Phillips

 We are not fragmented beings, with separate 'selves' operating in isolation. We are beings of infinite Wholeness.
Our integrity comes from knowing who we are and living from both our light and shadow natures. We cannot claim one and reject the other.


Rev Patti “One looks like many”

Everything in the manifest universe is a demonstration of infinite inclusivity- we are each a branch off a tree with but a single root.
Every aspect of the Divine is found in us, it is up to us through freewill, what we will use and what we allow to fall into disuse.
And the Divine is in each and every one we meet. Even those we consider outside our circle. We must expand our definition of Oneness.

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