Rev Patti “New Life”

Our inner work of transformation is eternal. The future is now, the time for change is now! Our story evolves as we awaken to the greater Truth and potential of our lives.
We come to desire a release of the old, and embrace the greater good. Even if we are unsure of what it will look like, we step forth in faith, in joy and enthusiasm, knowing Spirit is always for us!


Rev Patti “Time for Change”

Life is filled with great change, if we allow life to have its way with us. We see and feel change in the world around us, both natural and man-made, and we are reminded to go deeper, to use our faith to create growth.
We desire, and were born for, lives of joy, fulfillment and happiness. That work must come from within. We must plant the seeds, and nurture them in order to reap a harvest of good.


Rev Patti “Transforming Thought”

Life changes, in order to direct the change in our lives, we must be consciously aligned with the Truth of life. That there is an invisible Cause, which we are united with at the level of our belief, which outpictures as the experience of our lives.
If we desire more, we must embody more- by blessing and celebrating that which we are for. Never indulging in low thoughts against anything. We must have faith in the invisible realm, and that faith will draw that power forth into our lives.

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