Rev Patti “Less is More”

We are constantly engaged in the process of releasing limiting ideas. We don`t need to "get" anything to be authentic, we need to let it out! Communing with the god-self within allows the greatness that already exists to find expression.
All our work is done in mind. We cannot create meaningful change by altering conditions. We must release them. Shed fear, shed false belief, release blame and anger. Let go of the things that we have collected, and express that which we truly are.


Rev Dr Kathy Hearn “There is good for you”

We let in the good, we surrender to the good which already exists in our lives. Through our emotions and beliefs we accept life. It is for us to remain grounded in our good, not fall into despair and delusion at the first sign of trouble.
Being spiritual doesn`t mean trouble doesn`t happen, it means we deal with it differently. We see the hand of Bounty in all actions, and we call forth that bounty when it is hidden from us. Life is always seeking more, never less.


Rev Patti “Giving Up for Good”

Surrender is not giving up, it is letting go of the struggle to control or make something happen. We open up to a greater vision of what is possible, take the Spirit`s Eye View of our lives, and go for more.
The story of why we can`t have what we want is the only thing holding us back. Spirit holds nothing against Itself, and therefore holds nothing against us. We are free enough to create bondage, but it`s only a thought; change it.

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