Rev Patti “Powerful Living”

The powerful life is not personal power, not power over others, or imposing our will, it is not a "get" power, it is living from within, living our Truth, our essence.
Life is as available to us as we are to it. We must be in integrity with our word, with our thoughts and with our actions. We do not speak against another, or ourselves! Spirit is right where we are, meeting life.


Rev Patti “Two Volumes, One Book”

Life, our lives, the Universe itself, works best when it is in balance. Day/ Night, Active/ Passive, Hot/ Cold- but we have labeled these things are different, as opposites. When in reality, they are aspects of the same expression. Same with our very nature; we are not the ocean, we are the drop that contains all the qualities of the ocean.
And part of our nature is the shadow, that unhealed part that lashes out, that sees lack, or sees fault and attacks it. We are always called to be aware of our shadow, to bring it into the light, to transform it. To use it for our growth. To see where we can be more of the good we wish to see in the world.


Rev Patti Choice and Change

Our choices direct our day, which direct our experience of life. We have free will, which is our blessing, and our curse. We must stop viewing choices as "mistakes", and problems, and see them as our part of our evolution. Give ourselves the opportunity to grow.
We live in a universe of infinite possibility, we are never limited by what went before. We say yes, and we step forward. And the path unfolds beneath our feet.

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