Rev Patti “Wonderful World”

Are we speaking a life of affirmation, or limitation? We speak our word, and create our world. Life reflects back what we express into it. Good day/ bad day- same day. We can focus on the negative, or focus on the miracles. We are always at choice.
Wanting the best life for ourselves is not selfish, it is self care. We cannot want for ourselves what we do not accept for others. We do the interior work, because we cannot give what we do not have: joy, love, peace. We must be that which we would have.

Rev Patti We R the World

Every bit of energy that exists has always been present, was there at the beginning, is part of the Divine Whole.
We are at heart, One. Our path is unique, and that`s a good thing. Yet we must remember when we hear criticism, it is coming from the perspective of those doing the criticizing. We cannot take advice from the turtles on how best to eat, if we are giraffes. It doesn`t make the turtles wrong, or bad. It just means they are right for them.
Peace begins where we stand. In our own consciousness. We must choose to bring it. To be it. To extend it in all situations.


Rev Patti “Immersed in It”

Energy surrounds us like fish are surrounded by water. There is no place where It is not. It is the very thing that sustains and supports us. How we view and react to that energy shows us the life we will manifest.
We must draw away from the negative, that critical voice that never tries. We must build a faith in our own lives that rejects all fear, sets aside all thoughts of lack. We must remain true to our Truth.

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