Rev Patti “Health, Wealth, Happiness”

We must not fall into the trap of being happy for "stuff"- because things are conditions, and conditions change. We are grateful for life, for the process, not the product. We always have more to be grateful for than for just what we have.
Gratitude keeps us focused on what`s going right. It`s not about the cards we`ve been dealt, but in how we choose to play them.


Rev Patti Paris “The Love of Life”

We lose sight of the Truth. We lose sight of our way. We lose sight of Spirit. And it can be ugly. But we find our highest thought. We know the Truth, the Wholeness for others who need support, and found our foundation.
Break the cycle of judgement and love back to Wholeness. At our most unskilled behavior, it is not who we are. And we are called to remember that same truth for others.

Rev Patti “Thank You for this Day”

Gratitude is not a "get" mentality, it is a receiving mentality. A feeling independent of conditions, it is conscious living in the Joy of life.
Grateful people are healthier, sleep better and respond to set backs better. Gratitude is a practice, it is a commitment to a way of life.

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