Rev Patti “Life Reflections”

"Know thyself" is an ancient journey, yet we get caught up by stuff, the never ending display of shifting energy and thoughts. We seek the eternal, and find it only within. We look for good, for joy, for companionship "out there", only to find it lacking.
When we try to add to our lives from the external, rather than express from the internal, we are looking for the eternal in a world of change. We must make time for our spiritual practice, to find within that which we seek.


Rev Patti Paris “You, Me and Thee”

We live in state of existence as encounter, as relationship with all. But we must be conscious and awake to have the I/Thee experience. Otherwise we fall into an I/it relationship.
We commit to a universal truth of Oneness and Unity. And in that, we trust and move forward into a life of joy and grace.


Rev Patti “All There Is”

There is nowhere to go, no 'out there' out there. It is always a journey within, for we are individualized elements of the divine nature, which creates without being consumed by the creation. Our nature is spirit. It is Oneness.
When we look outside ourselves for answers, we are in effect. When we run around trying to control effects, we are in ego. We don`t identify with the outer, we use the outer to show us what is going on within.

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