Rev Patti Paris “How Big is Your Big?”

Are we citizens of the world, of our nation, of our state, our city, our block, or just our homes? We are called by Spirit to express a great and joyous life. Ego warns us to stay small, to not try for our dreams. But those are conditions. Truth is always pushing us onward to more.
When we are challenged or get our buttons pushed, we have a chance to examine ourselves from within, or we can retreat to blame and defend our woundedness. But they didn`t install that button, they just pointed it out to us. And so will the next person, until we do the inner work.


Rev Patti Paris “The Long View”

We must keep our eye on the goal, not on any obstacle or perceived block that appears before us. Look at where you`re going, not at where you are.
When we pray, we align with our desires- we don`t pray "for" something, a thing that is not with us/ part of us. We pray the experience of something we already are, already know- the truth of us; pray health, pray love, pray abundance and financial well being. We make our good welcome, and let go of the "how".


Rev Angela Geary “Reaching Higher”

We come together to remember the Truth of our being. Things can bring us down, but in community we lift each other up.
The perfection within walks hand in hand with the human experience. We go deep, we nurture those parts of us that feel neglected, that feel ignored, and with deep roots, we reach higher.

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