Rev Patti “The Choice is Yours”

The choice is ours, we are always at choice. But we should endeavor to make an informed choice- not a choice from fear, or apathy, or habit. To aim for more than to just let whatever happens happen. We are here to express and experience life in its highest.
We are called to new things, new ideas, a bigger life. Not settle for the option that alleviates our fear. We set a goal, we desire an experience, we decide and then we move.


Peter Bolland “Real Freedom”

We struggle to define freedom, because it is inherent to each, and not granted. It is the treasure that is claimed, not earned. Our freedom in inexorable from our being.
We move from our limited, adolescent lens of whim and desire to a more mature notion of in interwoven life and society where we are uplifted by the joys and success of others.


Rev Patti “Freedom Rings”

The physical manifest universe is the embodiment of God, and is infused with the qualities of God. Freedom is inherent in the system. And we are free, to choose from our limited or expanded beliefs.
Nature awaits our comprehension. We are emboldened by our choices, and cautioned by them. If something doesn`t work out, we are free to choose again. And we are free in every instant to choose our reaction to it.

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