Rev Patti “On Holy Ground

The entire manifest Universe is the body of God. And our life is the Divine, living through us. We are surrounded on all sides by "holy ground".
Let us not compare our place on the path to any other`s. Our job is to know who we are, and not get caught up in our own questions.


Rev Patti “Omnipresence”

God is everywhere, there is no place where God is not. The nature of the manifest Universe is an inherent Wholeness. Spirit made everything that exists out of Itself, there was nothing else to use, and nothing else exists. Therefore, God is present in all places simultaneously.
When we remember who we are, when we stand in that power and speak our word- the Law moves and we create miracles in our lives.


Peter Bolland “The Names of God”

All talk about God is metaphor. We apply a known over the mystery, to give it context. We then fight over the mask we ourselves have given to the infinite.
We are called to dwell in the mystery, to explore preconceptions and cultural bias, to let go of what we know, and allow life to be more.

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