Rev Patti “Together in Good”

Some things are just better together; milk & cookies, mac & cheese, Love & Law. And us. We are better when we come together in community and support, and are supported by, each other. When we stand for something, for truth, joy and love, and we know these are the gifts of Spirit freely given in our lives.
We know that conditions spring from the human mind, and are not causes unto themselves. We shift our focus to what we desire, and give no energy at all to that which we do not want, and we know it for others as well.


Rev Patti “The Horn of Plenty”

Spirit is always giving, that is Its nature. We give, because Spirit is our nature. But we must receive in order to complete the circuit. There can be no gift without one to receive it.
We must find our mental set point, that place where our thoughts go; to lack or to abundance? To peace, or to confusion? To joy, or out doubt? What we "pay attention" to, we buy into.


Rev Patti “Peace and Prosperity For All”

We hold the ideal for all. Peace is not removing ourselves, going "up there". It's about more than the absence of conflict. About not being attached to outcomes.
This doesn`t mean we have no goals, that we are "dead fish" floating along with whatever happens. We hold the goal in the midst of conflict, and we know our Truth regardless of appearances.

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