Rev Patti “It’s All Good”

"it`s all good"-- yeah, I know that, but shut up. I`m not there with this thing I`m dealing with. But we don`t stay there. We allow our human moment, then we refocus on the Truth- that Spirit is right here, moving something into being.
So we look for the good. We do our spiritual work; prayer, meditation, gratitude, music. We turn off/ turn away from "the thing" and touch that place within.


Rev Patti “Here`s what you do”

The masculine energy is linear, a doer, a goal setter, it is action; the mountain climber. The journey is not about the prize, it is about how it changes us.
We identify what impulse within us is motivating us, and check to make sure it is authentic. That we are not acting from our 'shadow nature'. We live from the inside out. If we want to change, we must be clear about what is happening on the inside, first.


Rev Sharon Hudson “The Force Be With You’

Who are you? What are you doing here? I AM the divine!
When we know our divinity we are different in the world. We are the calm in the storm. We make manifest the consciousness of the Universe. Quit trying to be perfect. Stop judging- we`re not in Love when we are in judgement.

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