Rev Patti “Revealing Magnificence”

We are individualized expressions of the One Life. All our uniqueness, that made us stand out, that sometimes we were mocked or ridiculed for, is part of our magnificence.
It is when we buy into the opinion of others, when we empower our limitations and fears, that we undermine our own dreams and abilities. We are not meant to blend in- we are meant to stand out!


Rev Patti “Practical Spirituality”

Thoughts are things. We use right thinking for definite purposes. To do this, we must be aware of, and align with the Law of Mind.
We awaken to our spiritual magnificence, and express it in greater, ever expanding ways. Life opens up to us.


Rev Patti “Transforming Lives”

Real transformation takes place from the inside out. It is a process, not an event. It isn`t about job, or income, or haircut. It is about releasing the false beliefs and limiting thoughts that hold us back.
We may be tempted to run out and try and create change in the outer world, but we know real change starts within.

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