Jan Garrett and JD Martin “Better Angels”

We seek true belonging, not just fitting in. We can be vulnerable and uncomfortable, without attacking or being mean, and without sacrificing who we are.
We approach the world with a strong back, a soft front, and a wild heart.


Rev Patti “Alive, Awake, and Aware”

Before we are out of bed in the morning, the narrative may already be running. And a simple thought can make us worried, or anxious, or upset, and nothing has even happened.
We don't get anything from outside experiences, we bring who we are to them. Our joy, our love, our fear, our sense of lack. And that shows us where out inner work lies.


Rev Patti “Minding Our Business”

If we aren't minding our business, who is? Are we afraid to confront the hidden parts of us? If we heal them, will we recognize ourselves? Will we be recognized?
We must come to know that we are one with the power of the universe. That those hidden aspects are available to heal, and to stop holding us back from a life of fulfillment.

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