Rev Patti Paris - “The Sun, The Moon and the Truth”

Fake it till you make it. We do affirmations knowing our Truth, regardless of any present "facts". We are narrating the story of our lives, and we can change it any time from a tragedy, or melodrama to a victorious triumph over incredible odds.
We start with affirmations because everything begins in mind. But it cannot stay there, our ideas must find expression in the affairs of our lives or they are nothing more than idle fancy. Divine intelligence knows what to do, and impresses that knowledge upon us as the activity that is ours to do.


Peter Bolland - “Fathering Energy”

The 5 Qualities of Inner Fathering are Courage, Quietude, Consistency, Competence and Kindness.
It takes courage to be loving and compassionate. quietude allows us to discover solutions in the silence, competence/ doingness- the opposite of helplessness, kindness is nurturing the best in others.
Are these qualities latent and hidden in our daily practice of life? Or do we embody them?


Rev Savanna Riker - “Sacred Amidst the Shadows”

How do we embrace chaos and challenge in the midst of conflict? We must be willing to look at it for starters.
Often we look outside ourselves for validation, which is ego validation. We must strip away the outer barriers of accepted "fact", and see the Truth.


Rev Patti Paris - “Spirit as Powerful You”

Spiritual power is our nature. As children, we had no doubt of the flow of divine energy in our lives. We were powerful, creative, energized and loved. Then, the Voice of the World crept in, with its critical, condemning obnoxious attitudes. And we built a wall to keep that stuff out. But at the same time, we often wall off our power, too.
We then fall into the habit of trying to control outside effects in order to regain what we believe is lost. But we don`t have to "get", or "find" anything- we simply have to unleash what is already the I AM of us!

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